48 hours in Washington DC!

Hello and thanks for letting me be your guide through 2 days in my home city. Washington D.C. aka the stateless capital city of America!

Hello and thanks for letting me be your guide through 2 days in my home city. Washington D.C. aka the stateless capital city of America. Washington D.C. isn’t in a state at all, it stands as a lone beacon for America.

First, I’d suggest flying into DCA, the airport on the banks of the Potomac River. Book your seat on the right hand side of the plane and that will afford you the opportunity to look over the Pentagon as
you glide across the water smoothly into the airport.
Take the metro to your accommodation, straight from the airport. Convenient, don’t you think? Get
settled in, any one of the great hotels, AirBNB flats or hostels would be a fantastic choice, if you
didn’t plan ahead. When you’re ready to venture out, head to just about any intersection in the city
and you’ll find the best lunch I know. The Corner Bakery’s Chicken Salad Sandwich on soft rye is
the best late afternoon yummy. Not to be missed!…and don’t forget the cookie.
Spend your afternoon, satiated, strolling through the beauty of all of old DC. Nearly every country
on the planet has representation on the famously beautiful „Embassy Row”, have a look for your
embassy there. While you’re in the area stop by the White House and maybe catch a glimpse of the
US President, at home.

Any one of the fine, 5-star restaurants in Dupont Circle would be a nice choice for
politician-watching. Have a steak, they’re the best. Follow your dinner with an unforgettable night
out at a jazz spot, piano bar, or good old-fashioned disco.
I’d suggest an early night, as day two is sure to be a hike.
Head straight for 'The Mall’ after breakfast. You can see all the monuments, from the Lincoln
Memorial to the famous reflecting pool. The Smithsonian is the most famous collection of museums
in America. More than 100 different and unique offerings are collected along this strip in the center
of the city. This bustling strip of grass and public space is home, not only to the museums, but also
a summer outdoor film festival where nights are for vintage films projected onto huge white
'screens’ for everyone in the community to have a picnic in the grass, and see a film for free.
The last few hours in DC should be reserved for the souvenir search. Don’t pass up the chance to
take a tiny piece of the capital of America back home. You can, once again, jump on the metro to
DCA airport and wave a hearty good-bye to the heart of America (and the President).

Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, for the first time or the hundredth, Washington DC
has plenty of options for hundreds of hours. 48 hours is hardly enough time to see even half of
the museums, shops, restaurants, historical locations or even a few of the monuments. All in all this
blink of an eye is just enough time to understand what you want to see on your next visit. I hope,
and I guess you will learn to love Washington D.C. the way most locals do. Happy travels!

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