Bernie’s Dog Food by Chris

A1) I looked in Bernie’s box to see if he had enough dog food for the week. When I checked, I saw his box was almost empty! So, I went to MaxiZoo to buy some more food, but unfortunately, the store was closed. So, I decided to not feed him all his dog food but to mix his food with some sausages instead. He loved it!

A2) An idea came to my mind to check if Bernie had dog food for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, I noticed his food was running out! So, I rushed to the nearest MaxiZoo only to find out it was closed. So, with some creative thinking, I combined his dog food with some sausages. He loved it!

B1) I recognized Bernie’s dog food box was almost empty, and I started to get concerned. I dashed to the nearest MaxiZoo only to realize that the store was closed. I needed to be innovative, so I rationed his food correctly to avoid running out by the end of the day. I also added sausages to his meal. He loved it!

B2) It dawned on me that Bernie’s dog food was getting depleted! I promptly proceeded to a Maxizoo adjacent to a Biedronka down the street. When I arrived, I read the sign “closed,” and melancholy started to creep in. I needed to improvise, so I deliberately rationed his dog food properly while mixing sausages into his meal. He loved it!

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