How to describe a movie like a native?

The Covid-19 pandemic has provided us with many new experiences throughout the past few months.

Film i popcorn

Staying at home more than usually do has been one of them. However; there is always an opportunity that comes from every negative. That’s the opportunity is to catch up on a few movies that we have been meaning to watch, yet, we keep putting it off to watch until a later time.I adore having conversations with my students regarding different TV shows and movies that they are watching in their spare time. What increases engagement would be how you can best describe this film to a native speaker. Today’s lesson will be about how to best describe a movie using movie adjectives.



There are over 20 genres in the movie industry. Yet, there are only five genres that are more often popular amongst the general audience: Horror, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Documentary. To best describe these movies with the following adjectives, I will talk about my favorite movies. Action Genre: ​You can best define a movie in the action genre by how the characters taking risks that may seem dangerous. When describing an action movie the recommended adjectives to use would be: gritty, violent, brutal and heart-pounding. ‘The Warriors’ is a ​gritty and brutal ​story about a group of young men escaping danger in New York City. ‘The Matrix’ was a ​heart-pounding​ experience when it was released in 2000.


Comedy Genre

We define a movie as a comedy by its intention to make someone laugh. Adjectives that best describes a comedy will go as followed: Charming, comical, charismatic, hilarious, stupid, and silly. The 40-year-old Virgin is a ​hilarious and charming​ film about an awkward man’s journey to find the right woman to lose his virginity to. I like “The Hangover Series’ due to its ​charismatic​ characters in the movie. I also love Mike Tyson in the second film!


Crime Genre 

The crime genre deals with both sides of the criminal justice system but does not focus on legislative matters or civil suits and legal actions. Adjectives to describe a movie in the crime genre would be: Clever, absorbing, riveting, thought-provoking, suspenseful. I like the Godfather mostly because of its ​suspenseful and memorable moments that have stuck with pop culture for years.


Drama Genre 

More often than not, the amount of conflict that lingers throughout the film will place this movie into the Drama category. Adjectives that would best describe a drama would be: Dramatic, original, intriguing, surprising, first-rate. Moonlight is a first-rate, engaging and original cinematic experience that brings you into a world where falling in love the certain people is taboo.


Romance Genre

For a movie to be in the category of a ‘romance’, the characters in the movie would need to be involved with one another intimately. Adjectives for a romance movie will be: Charming, Pleasant, Fascinating, Sensitive, Tender, Romantic. ‘Her’ is a​ charming and pleasant​ film that shows an original take on how human beings could – in some way – fall in love with a computer. Is it a bit weird? Maybe. But you can not deny its charm. Next time you have a conversation or a recommendation to a friend about a certain movie that you like, remember that when using the right adjectives, you will master the art of painting a picture to someone that will motivate them to learn and understand what you have an interest for.


So, what’s your favorite movie?



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