Fun (and not-so-fun) Animal Facts!

When you think of apex predators in the wild, does a dragonfly come to mind?

When you think of apex predators in the wild, does a dragonfly come to mind?

Dragonflies have a 95% success rate when hunting. This is due to the fact that humans see up to 60 pictures per second, while dragonflies see 200. In other words, they see in relative slow motionPlaying back video more slowly than it was made or recorded.. So something that whizzes byTo pass quickly so our eyes would go much more slowly by a dragonfly’s, enabling it to jump up and catch it in midair.

Can tarantulas have “pets”?

Yes! There is a tarantula endemic to Colombia called the Colombian Lesser Black Tarantula that keeps a couple species of small frog as “pets.” What do I mean by this? These tarantulas and frogs have a special mutualistic relationship, in that both animals benefit: the frog eats any insects that would harm the spider’s eggs, and in return, the tarantula wards offprevent someone or something from harming or affecting one. predators that would prey onto hunt and kill (something) for food. the frog! They’re besties!

Do spiders have muscles in their legs?

Yes but no! Spiders have muscles that keep their legs inward, but to extend them outward, they use a system of hydraulics that is powered byrefers to what makes something run. their blood pressure. That is why their legs shrivel upto completely dry up and become wrinkled. when they die.

Do you think the Goliath Birdeater (the largest species of spider in the world by mass (leg-span 30ish cm) eats birds?

No! It is a misnomer! These spiders rarely feast uponto eat a lot of good food and enjoy it very much birds, but rather small vertebrates, invertebrates, and insects. And how does it eat its prey, you ask? It’s quite chilling, to be honest. After the spider injects its fangs into the animal, the venom liquefies everything inside…and the spider then proceeds tobegin a course of action. slurp the insides out, leaving nothing but the empty carcass behind.

Are Australian Shepherds from Australia?

No! Another misnomera wrong or inaccurate name. This breed of dog is actually from California, USA, believe it or not! It is a descendantfamily member, offspring of various types of collies that were brought from Australia and New Zealand.

Can you tell a venomous snake from a non-venomous one?

Yes, you can! If you flip a snake over​to turn onto the other side or into a position in which the top is where the bottom normally is. and look towards the end of its tail, you will see a different scale pattern in each type. A venomous snake will have one row of scales, while a non-venomous snake will have two rows, almost resemblinghave a similar appearance to or qualities in common a braid.

Why is it that deer freeze when a car’s headlights are on them?

Usually when you see a car with its headlights turned on coming towards you, you move out of the way, right? Not deer, henceas a consequence; for this reason. the phrase “deer in the headlights.” But why is that? Are they afraid, as the phrase indicatespoint out; show.? Anything but. Because deer are most active around dawn and dusk, their vision is best-suited for low light, not extremely bright lights. So when a car’s intense headlights enter their eyes, the deer cannot see a thing, so they freeze until their eyes can adjust.

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