New Years Resolution

Every year, people prepare themselves for change, transformation, and new goals. It sets the tone for the upcoming months…

Every year, people prepare themselves for change, transformation, and new goals. It sets the
tone for the upcoming months. The trick to it all is staying motivated after setting intentions. It’s
very easy to fall back into old patterns and old ways of thinking, so for change to occur, we have
to be proactive. I always reflect on the last day of the year before deciding on my new

New Year is my favorite holiday. Who doesn’t like new beginnings? Everyone needs that reset to
bring their life into perspective. I believe the seasons of the year are symbolic. For example, Fall
to me represents the shedding of old ways and thinking like leaves. It’s a time to detach from
what no longer serves you. Winter is a time of planning and preparation. Spring is perfect for
execution, renewal, and rebirth as the Earth transitions from cold and gloomy to light where
animals, plants, and flowers spring into bloom. Summer teaches us to enjoy life’s simple
pleasures. Everyone goes on breaks and vacations enjoying beaches, parties, and sunlight.
Vitality is in the heart and mind, not in the age. That’s always been my perspective on the
seasons. Some may even call the seasons spiritual because of how they impact us sometimes
without us noticing.

I am curious about the goals everyone is set for the new upcoming year. Who will be the next
millionaire, successful forex trader, or lawyer? Will you be working towards a new promotion,
getting a new lease or title on a home? Or maybe becoming a mother or father for the first time
or even starting a new business?

Whatever intentions you set for your New Years’ Resolution, I am pretty sure it’s good stuff. My
New Years’ Resolution is to travel to more places, see the world with my wife, invest in
properties and stocks, and keep evolving into an even better teacher for the Academy of New
York. Believe it or not, I love teaching. It’s fulfilling for me to see the milestones I help my
students reach and overcome. It’s best to create milestones when creating goals.
Keep that in mind if you decide to set your goals for New Year’s. When the clock strikes
midnight, walk out of that previous year with new energy. Renew your thoughts. Revamp your
dreams if needed. Fresh thoughts and ideas may come into play and you might just want to
switch your path together if you feel the inspiration to. New Year might catch you in bed, at a
party, or even at a bingo event with your grandmother. Wherever it catches you, I hope it
catches you in good spirits, with good energy, a great mindset, and with good company. New
Year might catch me at a Karaoke bar with my wife and family. Last year my family had dinner
on New Year’s Eve and we all went around the table saying things we hoped for coming into the
new year. It was fun and inspiring to see how relatives’ eyes lit up when they talked about their
dreams. All in all, I wish everyone a happy new year when January hits and wish fulfillment for

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