Story Time! by Christiane and Jimmy

Here are seven travel tips for unprecedented times!


Story #1: Travel Tips!

Seven travel tips for unprecedented (adj) – never done or known before times. 

With staffing issues both in the air and on the ground, here are some ways to be better  prepared for a more enjoyable travel experience: 

1. If the flight is less than seven hours, drive instead(adv) – as an alternative or substitute
2. Download the app of the airline you are flying to avoid(v) – prevent from happening waiting in lines at assistance desks.
3. Leave a day early so you don’t miss any important planned events at your destination.
4. Take the first flight out to avoid cancellations which happen most often later in the day.
5. Schedule longer layovers(n) – a period of rest or waiting before a further stage in a journey afford when connecting flights. 
6. Get trip insurance if you can afford(v) – have enough money to pay for it. it.
7. Be polite and respectful to the airline staff. 

So, happy travels everyone! 

by Christiane Egbert

Story #2: A Paralyzing Fear…

I sat in the middle seat of row 15, fidgeting(verb) To move with restlessness, to move because of discomfort every few seconds as thrombosis had started to set in.  The passenger next to me was fast asleep and breathing heavily.  I wanted so badly to get up and walk the aisle.  I would have loved to use the bathroom after drinking a coffee with the first meal of a 14 hour transpacific(adjective)Crossing the Pacific Ocean flight, but I didn’t want to wake my fellow(adj)someone who is also traveling like me traveler traveler. 
When the “fasten seatbelts” sign came on, it was merely moments before the plane dipped.  I could feel my stomach instantly drop and I nearly emptied my bladder.  My hands tensely gripped the armrests.  The airplane shook vigorously(adv)Something done with strong force and energy as the pilot announced that we were experiencing turbulence.  I’m not a religious man, but in that moment I prayed that I would be forgiven for my sins if I were to meet a watery end.  I typically enjoy flying, but each time the aircraft convulses(verb)o shake violently, I’m overcome with a paralyzing(adj.) To describe something that takes away your power and makes you stop and unable to move fear.

by Jimmy Finkes
Vocabulary Words: Unprecedented | Instead | Avoid | Layover | Afford | To fidget | Transpacific | Fellow | Vigorously | Convulse | Paralyzing

Published by Christopher, Voiced by Marika

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