Story Time by Ryan and Talmadge

Here in northern Thailand, there are long traditionsof combat…

Story #1 Humidity

Here in northern Thailand, there are long traditions(Noun)customs or beliefs from generation to generation of combat. Usually, Muay Thai comes to mind. However, there is also lesser-known beetle fighting. In the latter, two male rhinoceros beetles are paired off against each other in combat that usually involves flips and lifts that usually go twelve rounds or until one contender(Noun) a person or group competing with others to achieve something. runs away. They are provokeddeliberately make (something) annoyed or angry. into combat by the presence of a female beetle or by imitation(Noun) copying, parody, impersonate of the female rhinoceros beetle’s mating call. Also, like Muay Thai, there is gambling involved. However, unlike Muay Thai, the superhuman strength of the rhinoceros beetle allows the animal to lift to 850X their body weight. No matter how many Red Bulls they consume(Verb) use, devour beforehand, Muay Thai fighters can only dream of such superpowers.

Written by Ryan Scamehorn

Story #2 My Favorite Food

My favorite food is a local dish from my hometown. It’s called a Spiedie(Noun) a marinated cut of meat. There are many different ways to eat them, but the preparation is the same. All you need to do is cut your preferred choice of meat (beef, chicken, pork, lamb, veal, venison) into cubes, marinatesoaking foods in a seasoned liquid them overnight, cook them on a grill and then serve them to your guests. My favorite way to eat them is on a piece of bread with caramelized(Adj.) process of browning sugar onions and bell peppers. It makes for a mouthwatering (Adj.) smelling, looking or sounding delicious meal that people of all ages can enjoy.

Written by Talmadge Johnson

Vocabulary Words: Tradition | Contender | Provoke | Imitation | Consume | Spiedie | Marinate | Caramelized | Mouthwatering |

Published and Voice by Christopher Reyes

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