Take a Hike!

One of my favorite hobbies { is hiking. I love walking, but hiking has the added benefit…

One of my favorite hobbies activities done regularly in one’s free time for pleasure or relaxation is hiking. I love walking, but hiking has the added benefit something that promotes well-being of going up and down hills and being amongst nature. I go on a hike twice a week to the Griffith Park Observatory. It’s a one mile walk to the park and another mile up to the top. I choose to go up the steepera slope rising or falling sharply side and come down the side that is more flat. It makes a nice 4 mile loop. There are great city views from the observatory, so it’s a nice reward something that is given for achievement for making it to the top! Once I’m there, I do some calf, quadricep, and hamstring stretches before heading back down.

Hiking has other health benefits besides physical. Various having different qualities brain chemicals are released when we do certain activities:

Dopamine the 'Reward Chemical’ is released when we complete a task, do self-care activities, and celebrate little wins. Serotonin the 'Mood Stabilizer’ to hold something steady is released when we are exposed to the sun and walk in nature. Endorphin the 'Pain Killer’ is released with exercise.

I also enjoy hiking alone so I can go at my own pace and listen to whatever I want. I prefer to listen to language recordings so I can practice my French and Spanish. Some other hikers may look at me strange different than the usual, so I pretend I’m on a phone call to someone in Paris or Mexico. I hope you can also find a hike near you that brings you joy a state of happiness. Happy hiking!

Vocabulary Words: Hobbies, Steep, Reward, Benefit, Various, Stabilize, Strange, Joy

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