What do you want to do? I want to become a Doctor!

Throughout our childhood, we are often asked the common question at school that we as children often ponder over for quite some time, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”

For some students, our immediate thought would be for us to become astronauts, artists, firefighters, police officers, and also doctors. However, the profession of a doctor is not a singular profession, there are numerous very large in quantitypractices that a doctor can get into. These are 5 popular specialties that doctors can pursue when they are trying to establish a career in medicine.

Primary Care / Family Practice: A family physician is responsible for treating people of all ages and is normally the doctor we would visit for our yearly check-upa physical exams. A family doctor can be able to assess any minor illness, perform routine health tests and keep a record of our family’s medical history.

Pediatricians: This specialty focuses on treating children from when they are born until they transition to adulthood. Just like a family doctor, Pediatricians are able to examine to study something carefully and in great detaila child to find any potential problems such as diseases and injury. Pediatricians are also responsible for providing vaccinations that will prevent the child from getting smallpox or other promitment sticking out above the rest; famous diseases carried by children.

Dermatologist: Also known as the ‘skin doctor’, Dermatologists specialize in treating and preventing diseases such as eczema, skin cancer, and psoriasis. Dermatologists can also perform minor of low importance, not very seriousprocedures a tried and true process or method used to accomplish a particular tasksuch as Botox injections and chemical peeling.

Ophthalmologist: Are you having trouble reading this article right now? Do you think you might need glasses? You might need to see an eye doctor or an Ophthalmologist. They are able to treat people with complex difficult, hard eye conditions as well as give recommendations a good word or testimonial for prescribing glasses and performing routine a habit that develops over time check-ups.

Cardiologist: Also known as “the Heart Doctor”, Cardiologists focus on the cardiovascular system, which focuses on the heart and blood vessels. Heart Doctors can perform many different tests and procedures. However, Cardiologists do not perform surgeries, there is a different specialty.

Vocabulary Words: Numerous, Check-Up, Prominent, Minor, Procedure, Complex, Routine, Examine, Specialty, Recommendation

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