Working at a French Restaurant

Working at a French restaurant is both rewarding, and demanding, requiring a lot of effort…

Working at a French restaurant is both rewarding providing satisfaction; gratifying and demanding requiring a lot of effort. When I get to work at 5:30, I have to set up the tables and chairs on the patio a level paved area attached to a building. I then place the utensils (forks and knives) on a cloth napkin, and make sure every seat has a water glass and wine glass. I then I fill all the carafes with water and ice, so the water is chilled made cool without freezing by the time the customers drink it. I make sure there are plenty of clean utensils a tool used in the kitchen, especially for eating and napkins ready for the entire dinner service. Choosing the music is also important. I like to play calm jazz. It’s classy elegant, stylish, but also adds a fun vibe. Finally, I check the reservation list, and make sure the restaurant is ready for all the guests to arrive.

When customers are seated, I offer the wine list and show them the menu. Our most popular enjoyed by many people dishes are the Mussels, Steak Frites, and Croque Monsieur. I also sell a lot of chocolate mousse for dessert! I love providing make available for use a nice evening for customers, and it’s always a great feeling when they return again and again. At the end of each dinner service I’m pretty tired, but I love going back the next day to serve more happy guests.

Vocabulary Words: Rewarding, Demanding, Patio, Utensils, Chilled, Classy, Providing, Popular.

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