Bernie’s Dog Food by Chris

(A1) Elementary: I lookedattempt to find someone or something in Bernie’s box to see if he had enough dog food for the week. When I checked, I saw his box was almost emptycontaining nothing; not filled or occupied.! So, I went to MaxiZoo to buy some more food, but unfortunatelysadly, the store was closed. So, I decided not to feed him all his dog food but to mixcombine or put together his food with some sausages instead. He loved it!

(A2) Pre-Intermediate: An idea came to my mind to checkattempt to find someone or something if Bernie had dog food for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, I noticedsimilar word to ‘check' his food was running outuse up one’s supply of something.! So, I rusheddeliver (something) quickly to (someone) to the nearest MaxiZoo only to find out it was closed. So, with some creative thinking, I combinedjoin or merge to form a single unit his dog food with some sausages. He loved it!

(B1) Intermediate: I recognizedidentify (someone or something) Bernie’s dog food box was almost empty, and I started to get concernedmake (someone) anxious or worried.. I dashed to the nearest MaxiZoo only to realize that the store was closed. I needed to be innovativeto be original and creative in thinking., so I rationedallow to have only a fixed amount of something his food correctly to avoid running out by the end of the day. I also added sausages to his meal. He loved it!

(B2) Upper-Intermediate: It dawnedcome to mind. on me that Bernie’s dog food was getting depletedempty! I promptly proceeded to a Maxizoo adjacentnext to to a Biedronka down the street. When I arrived, I read the sign “closed,” and melancholya state of sadness started to creep in. I needed to improvise, so I deliberatelystrongly and purposely rationed his dog food properly while mixing sausages into his meal. He loved it!

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Written by Christopher Reyes