Do Your Chores!

It’s Chore Day!

Chore: (Noun) a routine task, especially a household one.

I have a few hours today to spend catching uptalk to someone whom one has not seen for some time to find out what they have been doing. on my chores. I will start with sortingseparate according to type. my laundry into distinctrecognizably different from something else piles.

While my laundry is washing in the machine, I’ll do the dishes and run the dishwasher. I will clean my bathroom by wipingclean or dry the countertops and scrubbingrub (someone or something) hard so as to clean them the toilet.

Finally, I will clean the floors: First, I will sweep with a broom, then after that, I will vacuum the rug. I might also mop the kitchen floor if I have time. Hopefully, by then, my laundry will all be done, and I can relax with a good book. What chores do you do around the house?

Author: Christiane Egbert