Story Time! By the Academy of New York

Story #1: “I would like to learn how to…”

Which state is famous for corn and pigs? If you guessed Iowa then you are correct. Although we are famous for agriculturethe science or practice of farming, I surprisingly can’t keep a plant alive. My grandparents on the other hand a contrasting point of view were farmers for most of their lives. They’ve sold the farm since then, but my grandmother still keeps an impressive garden and a small greenhouse a glass building in which plants that need protection from cold weather are grown. My mom says that grandma has always had a green thumbnatural talent for growing plants. She seems to know the answer to any question about plants. But I know that my grandma gained knowledge and skill through hard work. She has had an intimate involving very close connection. relationship with the growth cycle of these plants over many seasons and years. I would like to learn how to grow a vegetable garden, but first, I need to keep my cactus alive.

by Sarah Walker

Story #2: “If I could have any pet…”

Summer would be great with a capybara by my side.

Just like me, capybaras are cute, socialloves to have a conversation., and love swimming. Their sociable and communicative nature makes them idealthe best, perfect party animals for outdoor events. The capybara can go in the pool to cool offCalm down and swim since they are semi-aquaticliving partly on land and partly in water. rodents. In my opinion, a capybara would be my ideal exercise partner because they are outdoorsy and like grassy areas. Capybaras enjoy receiving affectiona gentle feeling of fondness or liking. as much as I do. I can hug and pet them after a long day.

Capybaras are friendly animals that will sit with you in the sun.

by Jasmin Ortiz

Story #3: “My Perfect Summer Day”

What is my perfect summer day? Well, first I would be somewhere where the weather is nice and warm, not scorchingextremely hot to the point you don’t wanna go out. A place that has the most beautiful beaches and the water is so blue and clear you could see through it. It would be an all-inclusiveincluding everything or everyone. resort. A ganga group of people of us, my friends that know how to have a good time, and my family well, some of my family, only the cool ones, would join me. 

Early in the morning, we would have breakfast together. The table would be laid out with all kinds of food, sausages, Canadian bacon, fruits and cheeses, and cereal for people like me who adorelove and respect (something) deeply Captain Crunch.

After breakfast, we will explore the town and try to discover the local stores and explore restaurants. Later on that evening, Back to the resortspa, a place for vacation, everyone would change into their bathing suits or swimming trunks, and we head to the swimming pool laying on the poolside chairs until the sun sets.

If there is a beach close by then it would be best because there’s so much you can do; you can try scuba diving, snorkeling, or even help make sand castles.

And that’s what makes it perfect.

by Desiree Scott

Vocabulary Words: Agriculture | On The Other Hand | Greenhouse | Green Thumb | Intimate | Social | Ideal | Cool off | Semi-Aquatic | Affection | Scorching | All-inclusive | Gang | Adore | Resort |

Published by Christopher Reyes