This Might Seem Silly….

It might seem sillyfoolish or stupid, but one thing I am really afraid of is heights; however, I am totally fine with flying. I never think twice before boardingthe action of getting on or into a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle. a flight but looking over the edge of a cliffa tall, high rock with a sharp drop to the ground below., climbing a lighthousea tower or other structure containing a beacon light to warn or guide ships at sea., or going to the top of a cathedral spire terrifies me. I continue climbing up to high places because I do not want to miss the views but just avoid looking straight down. I hope that by continuing to face this fear of heights, I will slowly build an immunityprotection or exemption from something to it and start enjoying it.

Vocabulary Words: Boarding, Cliff, Lighthouse, Immunity, Silly

Author: Ethan Norden